Marts & Lundy Communications client wins museum association award

Marts & Lundy Communications’ client Strawbery Banke Museum took home first place in the Development Materials category in the 2019 New England Museum Association Publication Awards Competition, the organization recently announced.

Senior Affiliate Consultant Anne Reusché and design partner Creative Commune led by Bill Brassil created the winning case for support on behalf Strawbery Banke, a living history museum in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

The museum showcases a single neighborhood — Puddle Dock — from 1695 to the present, through architecture, archaeology, scholarship and storytelling, which focuses primarily on the many immigrant groups that settled in Puddle Dock over the centuries. Today, visitors can tour more than 30 preserved historic buildings on Strawbery Banke’s 10-acre site.

The museum turned to Marts & Lundy last year to develop its case as part of a $13 million campaign, the largest in its history. The case, Building Community, focuses on the campaign’s major funding priorities which include restoring three historic buildings, creating a state-of-the-art preservation facility, and increasing the endowment for education programs.

“Your publication design puts you in great company at the top ranks of our region’s institutions,” said Scarlett Victoria Hoey, the organization’s manager of membership and development wrote in a letter announcing the selection. “The judges were impressed by the compositional flow and rhythm of all the winning submissions.”

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Reusché said the goal was to focus audiences through effective storytelling.

“Our case draws readers into an extraordinarily compelling plot: How does a neighborhood evolve over time in response to economic, social, political, cultural and climatic changes?” Reusché said. “Our charge was clear from the start: to remind people that days-gone-by can speak compellingly to the here and now.”

Brassil said Strawbery Banke Museum’s passion for history, storytelling and preservation drove the creative work on the case statement.

“It’s been an honor to play a part in ensuring that this treasured museum thrives for future generations,” he said.

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