Jon Jefferson

Senior Writer & Strategist

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It’s human nature to be moved by stories: stories of pioneering researchers, brilliant physicians, heroic patients, life-changing teachers, inspiring leaders, visionary organizations. I love hearing, shaping, and sharing great stories.

Jon joined Marts & Lundy as an affiliate consultant in 2012, bringing a wealth of experience as a journalist, science writer, novelist, and documentary writer/producer.

Before joining Marts & Lundy, Jon wrote extensively for the University of California–Berkeley, Johns Hopkins University, Johns Hopkins Medicine, and Oak Ridge National Laboratory. As a documentary writer/producer, he created many shows for The History Channel, the Arts & Entertainment Network, and National Geographic.

Unique among Marts & Lundy affiliates, Jon is a New York Times bestselling crime novelist. Partnering with Dr. Bill Bass, a world-renowned forensic anthropologist, Jon has written 10 novels in the Jefferson Bass “Body Farm” series, six of which hit the bestseller list. Jon’s 2018 novel, a solo thriller titled Wave of Terror, spins out a scenario that interweaves suspense, science and smart protagonists.

Whether in fiction or nonfiction, Jon loves spinning stories of fascinating people and inspiring organizations: detectives, brain surgeons, cancer researchers, great hospitals, life-changing universities.

And when he's not working...

Jon unwinds by running trails in the woods around Athens, GA, where he lives with his wife, Jane, a professor of social work. A rusty pilot—he owned a fast, twitchy experimental plane for years—he embraces life delightedly, keenly aware that he’s been living on borrowed time since his first solo flight!

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