Community Food Centres Canada

Join us at the Table

How did you connect through food this week? Maybe you had lunch with colleagues, celebrated a family birthday or enjoyed a quiet breakfast with your partner. Now imagine if you could no longer afford food. Your health declines. Isolation follows. A handout is not enough. How can philanthropy effect real change using food as a catalyst?


Our Engagement.

At any of Canada’s 12 Community Food Centres, it’s the joy you notice first. Adults cooking and eating together, children tending to a community garden, people eating together and volunteering to give back, empowered to make a difference. At a Community Food Centre, food is a gateway to physical health, mental well-being, social connectedness and dignity. Our job was to build a case for support that translated this complex impact, defining the Food Centre to an entirely new audience: entrepreneurially-minded donors interested in impacting health in creative ways. We made the case for an investment “upstream” that empowers low-income people earlier: before they need hospital or mental health services, before they disconnect from their communities, and before they lose hope. Philanthropy, combined with local community partners, can build new centres in the communities where they are needed most.


By the Numbers.

  • $50M Campaign Goal
  • 3 More Centres Opening
  • 4M Canadians lack reliable access to affordable, nutritious food