King Fahd University

Ripple Effect.

Higher education is one of the fundamentally important forces for progress in any country. And no university that we are aware of in the world plays as large a role in the future of its nation as KFUPM does in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals

KFUPM: Enriching the Student Experience


Our Engagement.

Great universities dream big. They never settle for what is. They know that complacency is not on option. They aspire not just to educate and discover and serve, but to improve humankind.

King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, has held tightly to these virtues since 1963. Now, in a nation where there is little tradition for private support of higher education, they are moving forward, ambitiously and aggressively, with major fundraising efforts.

Marts & Lundy Communications teamed with KFUPM to develop all aspects of campaign communications, including marketing strategies, theme and case development, storytelling, creative visual branding, website production and filmmaking―with all deliverables in English and Arabic.


By the Numbers.

KFUPM attracts and educates many of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s brightest young students. Though modest in size, KFUPM fights well above its weight, generating a ripple effect in science, engineering and technology that can be felt across the Arab Region and far beyond.

  • #1 KFUPM’s ranking among Arab universities
  • 2% KFUPM admits only the top 2% of the country’s high school students
  • 8,000 Students at KFUPM