Vail Health

A Healthy, Active Tomorrow.

Vail Valley Medical Center, now Vail Health, aspires to be the most effective, caring, modern mountain-region hospital in the U.S. Already, it’s well on the way, with extraordinary physicians and world-class researchers creating a healthy, active tomorrow for residents and scores of visitors.

Vail Valley Medical Center featuring Johnny Huard

Vail Valley Medical Center featuring Rob Monroe


Our Engagement.

The combination of unsurpassed medical care at Vail Valley Medical Center and trailblazing research in orthopedics at nearby Steadman Philippon Research Institute are defining the future of medicine, not just in the region but far beyond.

By linking the talent, expertise and aspirations of VVMC and SPRI, and by uniting their fundraising efforts, donors are making great impact on the health and well-being of people everywhere. Marts & Lundy Communications was pleased to be part of the campaign team in one of America’s most beautiful spots.

We interviewed senior administrators, board members, patients and community residents to inform and test key messages to make the case for Vail Valley. Those messages translated into an eye-popping case statement, impressive campaign video, and heart-warming storytelling initiative through print and film.

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By the Numbers.

The early days of medicine in the Vail Valley were modest, for sure. Expectations were straightforward: suture lacerations, set broken bones, treat fevers and sore throats. That was sufficient a half-century ago when Eagle County had a population of just over 5,000. My, how things change.

  • 212M+ Annual Visitors to Vail Valley
  • $100M Campaign Goal
  • $81.4M Raised to Date